Heroine’s Journey Home… a beginning….

Come, sit beside the fire with me- I’d like to tell you a tale…

Once, not so long ago- yet many ages ago- another tale was begun…

“Close your eyes.  Open the door.  Look around you.  See on that desk, a basket.  Inside, some branches, a doll, a shoe, a jar.  That basket, as a child I took it to my grandmother on a visit.  Those branches- one came from a thicket around my home, the other, from a garden.  That shoe I once wore to a dance.  That doll’s head is made from an apple I once took a bite from- just one.  Look around you.  Everything here holds a story, my story.  See all of those journals, each one contains many stories, not just one.  Life is full of stories, a series, yet is one story as well, one that does not end.  And that jar I spoke of, it contains tears.  My mothers tears as she longed for a child, my tears as I longed for a love, as I waited for a prince or a knight to come to me.  When I stopped waiting, so did the tears, and I found the prince myself.”
A beginning…an ending…a middle…all one story…one story that continues today, here, now…

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