Welcome to my Virtual Beltane Bonfire & 37th Birthday Bash!

I had wanted to have a big Beltane Bonfire & 37th Birthday Bash (37 feels so much more important than 40, which I’ll follow up with a 42nd Birthday Bash when it comes- bring a towel!), but life, weather (until recently), and finances had seemed to be working against it.

So, instead, I requested a bonfire & celebration from all of my friends online.

Instead of posting “Happy Birthday, Kerrie!”, I asked all to post something more… creative.

For my 37th Beltane Birthday, I requested everyone to post one or more of the following:

1) Your favorite fairy tale, folk tale, myth, etc.
2) Your favorite homesteading story.
3) Your favorite homesteading skill (one you have or wish you could learn)
4) Your favorite archetypal homesteading location- hearth, smithy, market, etc.)
5) Your favorite manifestation/result of fire.

You’re welcome to participate here, if you like.

Here were my answers… enjoy!


1) Your favorite fairy tale, folk tale, myth, etc.

Absolute favorite- Grimm Story # 200: The Golden Key

2) Your favorite homesteading story.

Hmmmm, absolute favorite? Ummmm….. How about favorite at the moment?

Aside from the adaptations I’m working on…. I’d have to pick…

“Hansel + Gretel” and “Snow White”- they help me get through my own daily homesteading!

The main list:

Legend- Nell’s cottage is so filled with the magic of the homestead!
Princess Bride- Buttercup’s farm, where Wesley works, and they both learn love
Persephone & Demeter / Proserpine & Ceres
Mother Hulda
Molly Grue, Nell, Samwise Gamgee- my three favorite characters I’d love to share a hearth with!
Jamberry- fruits of the wild larder!
The Carrot Seed- one of my son’s first crops- carrots & radishes!
The Twelve Months- more from the wild larder!
Snow White
Red Riding Hood
Secret Garden

I originally titled this list as “Stories for a Weak Economy”, but now I am seeing the homesteading lessons in them:

Stone Soup
Hansel & Gretel
One Grain of Rice
The Porridge Pot
Jack & the Beanstalk
The Shoemaker & the Elves
The Little Match Girl
A Little Princess
Feeding the Multitude: The Loaves & the Fishes
The Crow & the Pitcher
Frederick by Leo Lionni (not a fairy/folktale, but a lovely tale about gathering what we need to survive)
Pied Piper of Hamelin
Bremen Town Musicians
The Twelve Months
Snow White & Rose Red
Beauty & the Beast

Some of my favorite articles (I’ll write more about these at a later time):

The Folklore of Hearth and Home by Terri Windling

In Praise of the Cook by Midori Snyder

The Lore of Simple Things—Milk, Honey and Bread In Myth And Legend by Ari Berk

The Road That Has No End: Tales of the Traveling People  by Terri Windling

A favorite song at the moment:

“Green in the Blue”- from Cannon Movie Tales- Little Red Riding Hood:
Lyrics: http://www.mystacor.com/cannon_tales/lyrics/blue.html

Almost forgot one of my favorite series at the moment, Once Upon a Time- there’s an episode called “Hat Trick”, and the back-story character for the episode forages for mushrooms with his daughter to sell at the market- his home is oh so enchanting! Yarn hanging from the rafters, a loom in the background, rustic furniture, baskets- I’d love a cottage so warm & inviting!


3) Your favorite homesteading skill (one you have or wish you could learn)

Oh so hard! Favorite so far: herbcraft- making salves & balms

I’d love to learn:
smoking (meats)
hunting- if I’m going to eat it, I may as well show the creature my respect by doing it myself & using ALL that the gift of its life can provide
carpentry- learned a little in 6th grade woodshop, but would love to build my own little writing cottage
natural building:
outdoor cooking- would love to build our own outdoor oven & cook in a kettle over a fire!
sewing with a treadle- need to fix it up first!
more plant identification- I’ve learned some, but need to learn more, and what to do with it all!

Sustainability skills we have learned so far (I’m sure there’s more, but it’s a start):
cutting/splitting/stacking our own firewood- cutting & splitting is my husband’s job- I probably should learn, too!
cutting trees into logs to be made into lumber- again, hubby’s job- I should learn, just in case….
putting a new roof on- him again
gardening: figuring out what grows well & what doesn’t, building garden boxes, growing herbs, seed-saving, pruning our apple tree
preserving the harvest: sauces, salsa, apple sauce, pickling, jams, cordials
herbcraft: salves, balms, herbal oils, massage oil
baking our own bread
cooking with herbs
cooking with beet greens- oh so tasty- never thought I’d like them, but I love them!
plant identification- some

4) Your favorite archetypal homesteading location- hearth, smithy, market, etc.)

All of them! Hearth, market, smithy, cold cellar, stables, forest garden (wild larder!), village midwife, convent & monastery (take your pick of the local healer, herbalist, preserver, etc!)- I really can’t choose!

5) Your favorite manifestation/result of fire.

Hearth- whether the outdoor cookfire or the indoor heart of the home!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to my Virtual Beltane Bonfire & 37th Birthday Bash!


    My favorite fairy tale is Snow White but I remember the Disney version.

  2. WildBill says:

    Pretty interesting, what a diverse group of homesteading skills!!

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