Once Upon a Homestead

Once upon a homestead, there was a Dryad, a Woodcutter, and a Little Goblin…

…they lived in a little red house…

…surrounded by woodlands…

…and a swamp…

…where they planted a garden, cut their own firewood, ate wild brambleberries, and dreamed of living more fully off their land.

This is their story, my story, our story…


I started this blog as a place to write, and a way to “keep me honest”- a place where you, sweet readers, can follow me on my journey from novice homesteader to learning as much as I can about our land and what to do with it, and reconciling it with my first love- story.  And, really, my first story-love- fairy tales.

Fairy tales, folklore, mythology, legends, old wives’ tales, fables, archetypes, and more.

There is so much to learn from these, our first tales, our old tales, tales passed on from generation to generation- especially about homesteading.  Most tales have homesteading skills, in one form or another, woven into the background- the clothing, the food, dwellings, worker characters, healing, travel- all of it can be a single key, a single glance into a larger skill- where did it come from, who grew it, who made it, how did it get here?

As I embark on this journey- with you by my side, by the hearthside- I shall share my tales: poems, flash fiction, new origin myths, adaptations of classic fairy tales, musings, and more.  I’ll share images of our homestead as it grows.  I’ll share links and recomendations, and perhaps we could read together.

Who knows what might appear here… you’ll have to listen to find out.


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