What brought me here, what is my interest…

Note:  This is my “response” I wrote in my morning pages to a question posed to me recently.  Enjoy…
What brought me here…
What is my interest…
“I’d love to know what brought you here on Friday, and what your interest is in sustainable landscape planning and design.”
What brought me here…
What is my interest…
Where do I begin?
That day only?
That I know one of the adjuncts + the founder?
That their students visit us every winter?
That I wanted to support the students by participating in their education?
That I wanted to bring my son + introduce him to learning outside the classroom?
Or beyond that…
That I am suddenly hungry to learn all I can about permaculture, thirsty for sustainability, seduced by the land around me and all of its potential?
That I long to engage my community, from new preschool family to town to county to region to state to country to planet and back to my family of origin in dialogue, in practice, in creating a not-so-secret-anymore garden of life, of food, of warmth, of joy, of More?
That I love to learn, love to teach, love to share, and felt quite at home once I found a parking spot + entered that front door?
That I am a writer, a poet, a heroine on a journey home, and have stories to tell, stories that need to be told, welling-up inside me, stories of the land, stories of roses, stories of trees, stories of food + poison, familiar stories seen through a new lens, a new looking-glass?
That I wish my land to be a classroom, for my son, for his school, for our community, for anyone who wants to join in the journey, and do the work?
That I am, now, more than ever, a steward of the land, and want to care for it as best I can, and bring out more of its beauty, learn the lessons of its first homesteaders, see the scars of its abusers, heal it, and bring its family back to share their stories, and pass it all on to my son, and all those who will some day follow?
What brought me here…
What is my interest…
The land.
Always + forever, the land.
It calls, and I must heed that call.  Still listening.  Still trying to figure out what it has to teach me, what it wants me to do.
Local food coordinator.
Community gardener.
All of these + More.
Yes.  Today I shall say yes to listening to the land, heeding its call, healing the wounds.  Yes.

3 thoughts on “What brought me here, what is my interest…

  1. WildBill says:

    Wonderful. Full of spirit and wisdom. Full of hope and courage. Keep this near your heart. It will be people like you who emerge and recreate all that is good, all that is important, all that can be sustained on this beautiful planet!

  2. HRH CC aka Minerva says:

    I agree with WildBill! This is so full of hope! And I say this as my DH is out with our mulch, plants, rocks…on this little piece of Mother Earth!

  3. Mary Lou Colantonio says:

    Beautiful words and so you!

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