“Someone, Please Send Me…”

It has been a while since I have shared any of my writing- either old or new.

My voice… my writing voice, that is… has been quiet.

I *have* been writing, but none of it feels ready for sharing.

Not yet.

For now, I shall share a bit that I found while exploring old files from my young adult years.  Perhaps some time soon I’ll go back even further and type up some of my earliest poems from my adolescence.

If I could ask “Someone, please send me…” now, I would ask for my Voice.

But I am the Someone.

And only I can set it free.



How Simple It All Is

I want to go to a world of love and nature; a world of joy and simplicity.

I want to hear the crash of the ocean waves as I wake.   The crisp, fresh sea air briskly passing me, dancing with my hair for a brief moment.  Pebbles, worn through the ages by the tossing, pounding waves, gleam like stranded precious jewels in the sunlight.  Every crest of the waves is a dazzling diamond, each trough a dark and mysterious onyx. The foam carries ropes of pearls, plunging them into a mix of emeralds, sapphires, and peridots.

I long to catch the wafting scent of wildflowers as they sing to the bees and waltz with the butterflies.  As I traverse through the meadow, my skirt says hello to the poppies and violets. Softly twittering, little finches land near my feet, only to fly off again as I whisper a sweet call to them.

I wish to feel the cool breeze as I make my way along a lake’s edge.  Gracefully, a swan careens to her watery home. Reeds bend in the wind, giving in to every gentle caress.  The still pool mirrors the warm afterglow of the evening sky, laced with soft clouds, reminiscent of sugarplum dreams.

I yearn to see the sparkling world that emerges with night.  Through the trees, the silvery orb illuminates the velvety path upon which I have set.  Crystals shower from the orb, settling in their settings in the great black band that surrounds the precious rock upon which we live.  The trees form walls and a canopy, shielding me from the frigid night air as a carpet of fog seeps through and crawls along my path.

I dream of tasting life’s sweet elixir that brings my world into existence.  The world scintillates with an iridescence uncommon to the everyday observer.  But I can see it—I can see it in my mind. I can hear the music of life we dance to, the rhythms that drive us.  It is the Rhythm of Life, one primal force seeking the depths of our souls. Strange, how different and vast the interpretations are of one world, one life that we all share, yet believe is ours, and ours alone.  May we all find that elixir, and see how simple it all really is.

(c) Kerrie Colantonio (McNay)



Someone, Please Send Me…

Someone, please send me a rainbow,

that I may enjoy it in all of its splendor, nature’s painting tablet.

Someone, please send me a bridge,

that I may cross it to worlds that I have only dreamed of.

Someone, please send me a posy of wildflowers,

that I may revel in its sweet aroma, a mere patch from a quilt of budding wonders.

Someone, please send me a pebble,

that I may learn its tales of the past and send it on its way to the future.

Someone, please send me love,

that I may truly feel again.

Someone, please send me time,

that I may carry out all that I wish,

feel all that I can,

and appreciate all that I may.


(c) Kerrie Colantonio (McNay)

2 thoughts on ““Someone, Please Send Me…”

  1. Mary Lou Colantonio says:

    Beautiful Kerrie!

  2. Author-H.E. Curtis says:


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