What brought me here, what is my interest…

Note:  This is my “response” I wrote in my morning pages to a question posed to me recently.  Enjoy…
What brought me here…
What is my interest…

Soul Balm…

Souls and lips,
Balm to heal,
Hearts to steal,
And soothe,
And mend,
And warm,
With fire,
With soup,
With bread,
To shape,
To rise,
To feel,
The flame,
The tale,
The loss,
The memory,
Once found,
Once discovered,
Once upon a hearth,
Once upon a homestead,
Once upon a life,
Upon a soul,
Upon lips,
Upon all.




Lughnasadh + Lammastide…

The bees do not know it is Lughnasadh,
The spider does not know there will be two full moons this month,
The grass does not know that it is Lammastide,
The blackberries do not know they are early,
The goldenrod, ragweed, and pine do not know you are allergic to them,
The beetles do not know you want the berries that grow on the same bramble as the leaves they love,
The apples do not know whether the water they drank in came from your hose or a downpour.
They are,
They do.
The sun does not notice if you watch the clock, or the shadow of a sundial, or simply how full your basket is.
It will shine.

Once Upon a Homestead

Once upon a homestead, there was a Dryad, a Woodcutter, and a Little Goblin…

…they lived in a little red house…

…surrounded by woodlands…

…and a swamp…

…where they planted a garden, cut their own firewood, ate wild brambleberries, and dreamed of living more fully off their land.

This is their story, my story, our story…


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Welcome to my Virtual Beltane Bonfire & 37th Birthday Bash!

I had wanted to have a big Beltane Bonfire & 37th Birthday Bash (37 feels so much more important than 40, which I’ll follow up with a 42nd Birthday Bash when it comes- bring a towel!), but life, weather (until recently), and finances had seemed to be working against it.

So, instead, I requested a bonfire & celebration from all of my friends online.

Instead of posting “Happy Birthday, Kerrie!”, I asked all to post something more… creative.

For my 37th Beltane Birthday, I requested everyone to post one or more of the following:

1) Your favorite fairy tale, folk tale, myth, etc.
2) Your favorite homesteading story.
3) Your favorite homesteading skill (one you have or wish you could learn)
4) Your favorite archetypal homesteading location- hearth, smithy, market, etc.)
5) Your favorite manifestation/result of fire.

You’re welcome to participate here, if you like.

Here were my answers… enjoy!

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Heroine’s Journey Home… a beginning….

Come, sit beside the fire with me- I’d like to tell you a tale…

Once, not so long ago- yet many ages ago- another tale was begun…

“Close your eyes.  Open the door.  Look around you.  See on that desk, a basket.  Inside, some branches, a doll, a shoe, a jar.  That basket, as a child I took it to my grandmother on a visit.  Those branches- one came from a thicket around my home, the other, from a garden.  That shoe I once wore to a dance.  That doll’s head is made from an apple I once took a bite from- just one.  Look around you.  Everything here holds a story, my story.  See all of those journals, each one contains many stories, not just one.  Life is full of stories, a series, yet is one story as well, one that does not end.  And that jar I spoke of, it contains tears.  My mothers tears as she longed for a child, my tears as I longed for a love, as I waited for a prince or a knight to come to me.  When I stopped waiting, so did the tears, and I found the prince myself.”
A beginning…an ending…a middle…all one story…one story that continues today, here, now…